House Soft Washing

Soft wash power washing is exterior cleaning using a much lower amount of pressure than most pressure washing companies are associated with. Tj’s Pressure Washing LLC, offers soft wash cleaning services to residential, commercial and industrial clients in and around the Wesley Chapel area.

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Concrete / Brick / Masonry

While concrete, brick, and masonry can handle higher amounts of pressure, we specialize in chemical cleaning that will clean these surfaces more effectively, while giving a longer lasting result than pressure washing without chemicals

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Screened Enclosures

We offer pool cage/screen cleaning which is also completed by using the “Soft Washing” process in order to protect the screens and metal on your pool cage.  This ensures no screens are torn and that the cage will be cleaned without the unsightly pressure washing marks other companies may leave.

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We practice the safest methods to protect your investment. Pressure washing is our passion and we make sure to limit the amount of jobs we accept on a daily basis to make sure everything is completed as if it were our own home.

We have taken the pressure washing and other services to the next stage here in the Wesley Chapel area. Never again do you hire the kid down the road to perform all your exterior  cleaning needs.  Knowledge of chemistry and years of hands on experience is needed to make sure you are receiving the greatest results possible in the safest manor possible, which as a result, give you the longest lasting effects.

The dedication and accountability that we bring to a project is evident in several ways.  When a project is finished, we make sure our client is completely satisfied.  We walk the property with the client to see if there is anything else that the client would like performed or has a concern with.  Our client’s satisfaction is guaranteed with every project we complete.  Our dedication to the pressure washing services we perform are the highest possible.  We are always looking for better ways to create a clean environment with new methods. You can guarantee that if a new method is available, we will be the first to master it.  We put hours and hours of research into everything we do, to make sure we are the best at it.

We 100% support our current and former military personnel and all first responders. I have worked in law enforcement over the last 18 years and enjoy making a difference in peoples lives.


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